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Updated: Nov 27, 2022

The muffin (wo)man is at your service. Do you have a muffin tin ? How often do you use it? If you are like me, it is at the bottom of a pile of baking items you rarely have time to use. Well, I have good news...finding the tin will be the hardest part of participating in the quick and educational activities below and guess what? …you don't even have to turn on the oven. So. come on, grab your tin and your toddler and get your hands in some "Rainbow Ice!" Once you do, you and your toddler won't want to put that tin away again. (Check this section often as new ideas and articles are always being included).

Carrie's Muffin Tin Exploration

  • Sort small items by size, color, shape and explore a "sorting rule."

  • Play "What Fit's in the Circle" - Let your todder explore putting items inside the circle. This type of motor play helps develop spacial skills.

  • Hide a Small object inside of a dense clay or Play Doh. Ask your child to use his or her index and thumb to find the object in the middle

  • Use the reverse side to punch a pattern of circles into dough

  • Make "Rainbow Ice" Fill the tin with snow and allow your toddler to use a dropper and some food coloring to turn each segment of snow a different color. This makes color vocabulary a whole lot more interesting for your little one(s).

Additional Resources for Exploration

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